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Power Cable

Power Cable ( Armoured / Unarmoured - PVC / XLPE )

Power Cable ( Armoured / Unarmoured - PVC / XLPE )

GRID INDIA manufactures a wide range of Armoured Cables, Armoured Power Cables, Armoured Electrical Cables, PVC Armoured Cables and XLPE Armoured Cables. XLPE means cross-linked polyethylene or vulcanized polyethylene. The basic material is low density polyethylene. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic material consisting of long chain of hydrocarbon molecules. At elevated temperatures these molecules tend to move relative to one another so that the material becomes increasingly deformable and will eventually melt at the temperature around 110 DegreeC.By means of process similar to the vulcanization of rubber the polyethylene molecules can be cross-linked. The process of cross-linking or vulcanization consists of producing chemical bonds at interval between the long molecular chain to give a "ladder" effect which prevents slippage between molecules as a result of cross-linking the material becomes heat resistant and does not soften at higher temperatures. Further it has better resistance to stress cracking and good resistance to ageing in hot air. With the change of structure there is no adverse effect on electrical properties.Advantage of "GRID CABLES" XLPE Cables Comparison of Main Properties Between PVC and XLPE Insulation

Permitivity (50Hz , 20 DegreeC)-4 - 62.3
Dielectric loss factor (50Hz, 20 DegreeC)-0.05 - 0.070.0004
Volume resistivity (27 DegreeC)Ohms cm (min.)1x10131x1014
Max. conductor temp. DegreeC7090
Max. short circuit temp. DegreeC160250
Tensile strengthN / mm2 (min.)12.512.5
Elongation at break-ExcellentMedium
Flexibility at -10 DegreeC-PoorGood
Resistance to abrasion-MediumGood

Control Cables ( Armoured / Unarmoured - PVC / XLPE )

Control Cables ( Armoured / Unarmoured - PVC / XLPE )

A wide range of Control Cables (PVC Insulated & Sheathed Flexible Cables) are available with us. Control Cables are very usefull for industrial uasge.These control cables have high tensile strength and accurate resistance to high temperatures. These cables work in both dry and moist conditions. We offer them in black/gray core colours and gray, black and white sheer colours. They are highly flexible for application in different electrical environment. These control cables used in tool machines, steel production units, electrical substations, etc.
Technical Specifications
Core coloursBlack / grey with reverse colour numbering + yellow / green
Sheath colourGrey, Black and white
ConductorAnnealed Bare Copper as per IS : 8130
PVC InsulationType A conforming to IS:5831
PVC SheathType ST-1 conforming to IS :5831 HR, FR & FRLS sheathing as per requirement
Rated voltage650/1100V
Test Voltage2000 V.A.C.
Min. bending radius4 time overall diameter of cable
Tensile strength12.50 N per of PVC insulation and sheath
Max. working temperature70 DegreeC, also available for 85 DegreeC as per requirement
Max short circuit temperature160 DegreeC
Minimum Laying Temperature15 DegreeC
Use :- These cables are used for flexible use for medium mechanical stredded with free movement without tensile stress in dry and moist condition for measuring and control in tool machines, conveyor belts, production lines in machinery production, steel production and electrical substations.
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